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Rev. Janet Grace is a Professional Intuitive; Claircognizant; Clairaudient; Clairsentient; Empath; Psychometry; Reiki Master/Teacher; Medium; (when those beyond the veil choose to reveal themselves) Tarot and Angel Cards  Reader.

My credentials are written in time.  I realize I'm being called upon for something and I'm doing what I can to answer to my callings, multiplying my gifts as I go along and when I do that, I have a blast, THAT I can say. 

My first experience with an angel happened on the evening of April 8th, 1969.  My father stood before my bed and told me that he wasn't going to be seeing me for a very long time. He was so brilliant, I wondered if he'd just changed the light bulb in the hallway.  He didn't tuck me in as he usually did, nor did he kiss my cheek.  I wondered about that, and then had a realization like no other.  I remember nothing else.

The next day, I was running towards the kitchen holding my coat when the phone rang.  I yelled out (before getting the phone) "That's Uncle Ralph, Daddy's Dead" .. I, then, answered the phone and it was Uncle Ralph.  I told him I knew my father had died.  He was calling to tell my mother.  I never  felt the need to cry. Perhaps because I was too young to fully understand the concept most people associate with "death". To me, it seems as though it was just another passage way into a new beginning. I knew my dad was fine. It would be as though he were eternally working from far away, but we'd still be able to connect.  We'd already had a conversation about it although I don't remember consciously what we discussed other than I was to take care of my family, and thank God, that I have.

On September 11th, 2001, a Tuesday. I was lighting a candle for my father and the candles kept going out. It was the oddest thing. It made me extremely late. When I arrived to Ronkonkoma Train Station, there were no parking spots. I returned home and called a cab.  it made me an hour  late ...  too late to witness or be physically involved with the tragedy which occurred that day.  I was working for American Express Corporate Services at that point in time, and Marsh and McLennan was one of the accounts serviced in the Twin Towers.  The tragedy occurred right where I would have been had I been to work on time.  Thank you, Daddy, for that life-saving effort as well as for the very many times I am gifted enough to see you from the corner of my eye. I know you're there. Thank you for watching over me.

I love you.

Rev. Janet Grace~http://myangelfromtheskytarot.yolasite.com

http://janetgrace.com    (musical compositions)


Rev. Mark A. Lyons -


Starly Paige - 631-560-4291



Maria Genna - http://www.facebook.com/mariasmysticinsights




We need not know what to say, He who sent us will direct us, we only wish to be helpful, heal, and have fun in the process, leaving who come to us for help feeling uplifted, hopeful and KNOWING that anything an be paved and solved for we are solvent and infinite, stronger than our problems, we were made in Gods own image and God(s) don't make mistakes. :D

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