After spending 5 minutes in a reading with Janet, there is no denying that she is the real deal and an extremely skilled intuitive. She will pinpoint exactly where you are and where you need to go. It is evident that she truly cares for her clients and sincerely wants to provide them with a service they will never forget. That's exactly what I got in my reading! When you have a reading with Janet, I guarantee you will be amazed. - Lori


Janet's kind and compassionate nature shines through in her readings. Her intuition has been uncanny and right on target for me. I felt like Janet gave me a sneak preview in to my future when she read my cards. Janet saw my abundance before it manifested into this world, and her readings are truly inspirational. ~ MaryEllen


Janet has been doing readings for me for many years now. After my first reading with Janet I knew she was very gifted. She is able to read my energy very well and is always dead on when it comes to things that are going to happen in my life as well as things from the past. What I love most about Janet is that unlike other readers she doesn't sugar coat things. She tells it as she sees it. Most recently she gave me hope that a job opportunity was coming and sure enough I just started a new job this past week. For anyone who is skeptical I promise if you go see Janet you will not be disappointed :)~  Melissa


I had a reading with Janet and right from the start she was able to hit my situation right on the nail. Without wasting time, she was able to pick up on my complicated situation and immediately gave me the best advise I needed to hear to help me make the right decision. Thank you Janet for helping me during a difficult time.  ~ Jesyka


I've been read by Janet twice and each time her warnings have come true. My problem is, I tend not to listen but then when things happen, I sit there saying "oh crap, there's what Janet warned me about!" She's extremely gifted in picking up things I normally choose to be blind to. Next time, I will listen to her words and hopefully stay out of trouble.
 ~ Freddy

January 19th, 2013 - Specialty Lotions and Potions; 11 East Main St; Bayshore, NY

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